Friday, June 10, 2011

Qualified Patients Growing Their Own and Trading Among Themselves for Now

With no dispensaries in operation now or likely to be anytime soon, Qualified Patients (QP) have only a couple of legal options for obtaining medical marijuana in Arizona.  They can grow their own, if they sought permission to cultivate as part of their application for a marijuana ID card.

Through June 1, 2011, 3,218 QP applicants have asked for permission to cultivate, or 70.8 percent of all applicants.

A QP licensed to cultivate can possess 2½ ounces of usable marijuana and 12 plants at any given time.  A QP also can legally obtain medical marijuana from another qualifying patient. 

A QP can have a Designated Caregiver who cultivates legal marijuana for him or her.  It is also possible that you have Designated Caregivers among your employees.  We will turn to that category of protected marijuana ID cardholders in an upcoming post.

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