Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big Picture Perspective on Medical Marijuana

My husband Rick, who is a retired newspaper editor, read through all of the posts on Arizoneout over the weekend.  Ever mindful of the reader’s perspective, he raised a concern.  He thought that employers reading the blog might be impatient to get more of an overview of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act’s (AMMA) implications for them, and want some practical advice on what they should be doing immediately.

Through Arizoneout, I have been trying to break the AMMA down, considering each relevant aspect of the law that may impact the workplace.  Starting at the beginning, as I did with the June 1, 2011 post, means it is going to take a while to get through all aspects of the law employers need know.  Once the foundation is laid, I expect that most posts in Arizoneout will offer practical advice, tips to avoid liability, and best practices.

In my articles on the AMMA for the Arizona Employment Law Letter, I have taken a different approach, providing more of an overview and highlighting the broad areas that employers need to address.  So I thought having those articles available to Arizoneout readers might give employers eager to grasp the big picture a valuable resource. 

Thanks to the good folks at M. Lee Smith Publishers, LLC, I am able to make those articles available as part of this blog, when they otherwise would be available only to paid subscribers.

So if you are interested, you can read the December 2010 article, “Arizona voters approve medical marijuana law;” the March 2011 article, “Countdown to date when workers can get high legally is still uncertain;” the April 2011 article, “Bill to help you navigate change in law speeds through legislature;” and the June 2011 article, “New law shields employers with compliant drug-testing policy.”

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